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tv   Today  NBC  March 28, 2014 2:07am-3:01am PDT

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller pla. >> hello, everybody. so glad you could join us for thirsty thursday. it is march 27th, though it feels like january 2nd. >> it certainly does. >> we've got two funny people today. maybe they can help us with our moods. we're so over it and we want some warmth. emmy-nominated will arn eliot arnett's here. >> and five-time emmy winner doris roberts is with us, so funny from "everybody loves
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raymond." do you know what today is? today is a very, very special day. today is the day one year ago exactly on this day i found the cutest dog. >> was it a year ago? >> today. i didn't know but -- >> oh! >> one year ago. do we have the video? let's see it. because i want to see the selection process. >> i'm so excited. >> i really was. hi. i hear you. i hear you, kevin. oh, my god! >> it was such a great day. >> and they lived happily ever after. >> he's so adorable. >> there he is.
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he won't go potty on your terrace. >> two problems. so we have news about prince harry. first of all, if you were watching nbc last night, there was a really great special about how harry trekked across antarctica for this thing called south pole heroes and he went with a bunch of people. >> veterans, right? >> yeah. war veterans. look, if you ever wondered if he had any ounce of entitlement in him, you would have learned that there's not one bit after watching this thing. they attempted to race 130 miles over ten days, minus 40 degrees, pulling 145 pounds of supplies. take a look at the blisters on his feet. and he wasn't complaining. but take a look. >> day one, i got a hot spot. day two, i just let it manifest into a blister. makes it worse. whatever it was is now popped and something else there as well. and what's really weird is i can't begin to describe to you how sore that is. but you can't even see it.
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but, yeah, count myself lucky that i've got feet. >> he said i count myself lucky to have got feet. >> yeah. he said he had a hot spot. he is a hot spot. >> he is a hot spot. >> i'm old, but i'm not stupid and i'm not blind, but almost. >> did you read the news? >> it's all over every -- and we can't see because there's a new reality series. >> this says that he's apparently -- >> planning a wedding and a baby. >> big, big surprise to all the ladies who are on a reality show called "i want to marry harry." >> this is a ryan seacrest show. 12 ladies think that they are going to marry prince harry. >> it's not the real -- it's an impersonator, look-alike. and i'm sorry, hoda, but -- >> what? >> i don't want to say what i'm thinking. how would they not know it's not harry? >> well, they were told by ryan seacrest, who everyone believes.
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i would believe it if ryan seacrest said do you want to meet harry? apparently, this guy dyed his hair red and looked princely and so all these girls were vying for his attention. and now they realize they get? guy who's not prince harry. >> do they realize how many centuries they set women back each time they do a reality series like this? >> i know, but it's good. it begins airing on fox in may. >> there is some sad news, though. trace adkins, good friend of our show. we like trace a lot. his wife, wanda, filed for divorce. there was speculation there has been some problems. they're not calling it a conscious uncoupling. >> they're just splitting. >> married 16 years, three beautiful daughters. remember the fire and the whole -- the whole thing was destroyed and they -- well, they built again and they i think had some problems but worked at it. so we're sorry about that. >> he had some substance abuse issues he was dealing with and he entered rehab in january. and i think you guys might
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remember they were on a cruise and there was some trace adkins impersonator and he got into a fight with him. anyway -- >> we're sorry about that. we just hope those women don't get into any kind of an altercation on their reality show. >> you never know. >> don't go on a cruise ship. >> here is -- >> i thought i'd never say those words. unless it's carnival. >> here you go. here's an experiment. this is one of those great social experiments. they did this in germany. they had a guy who was walking through sort of a city square and he dropped his wallet. >> over 50 times. >> 50 times. >> he wanted to see what people would do, would they pick it up, would they give it back to him. we're going to watch. but guess how many people returned it. >> okay. this is -- >> so 43. it goes all the way up to 49 of the 50 returned it. >> but let's -- i wish we could see the person who tried to walk off with it. >> doesn't that tell you the truth?
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people generally -- like i lose everything. >> hoda. >> let me tell you, everything. i was at a broadway show on saturday, my phone was gone. it was vanished into thin air as usual. some guy said, did you lose a phone? i said, probably. and i did. he said, his daughter gave it to one of the ushers. i looked around, and some guy on the side, another guy who worked at the theater, said, you lost a phone. is it pink? and he held it up and he had it in his hand. >> you're so blessed, hoda. >> but i think for the most part -- i believe that stat. i believe that 49 out of 50 people would find you, give it back, not take your cash, not take your credit cards. >> you think people are basically wonderful and decent and honest? >> yes. do you? >> not necessarily. i've lived longer. okay. i hope they are. but people can disappoint you. this is something i don't agree with. female shoppers. are you normal? >> they did a poll to find out how much shopping we do. they say women shop for clothes five times a month. on average, we try on seven
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pieces of clothing per trip and walk away with one. now -- >> which means you try on 40,000 pieces of clothing during your lifetime, depending on how long you -- >> when we were kids, my parents would take us to the mall every weekend, that was our weekend outing and it was every single -- we get in the call, we're going to tyson's corner and we spent the whole day there. >> you spent the whole day there. >> trying on things, not buying things, putting it back, having lunch, walking around, looking at people, trying on more clothes. putting it back. that's all we ever did. so i get that a lot of people go and try things on. but i don't enjoy shopping. >> i'm not one of those women. we would love to know if you are. men shop two times a month. >> they don't have many -- they don't hate their bodies. okay? they're fine. >> even if they should, they don't. >> how great it would be to be a guy and not care. >> it's so true. you guys -- you see every pound we gain -- >> but you're like, what? i'm good. >> you can be looking over your gut and you'll see our butts, that's right. >> so this is my favorite time of every thursday. and this one is especially
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perfect. especially because we've had such a fun week. let's end it on a high note. >> we have a show tomorrow. >> this song -- this song is by j. lo. you would think the title would be "i love you papi," because that's the title. but it's not i love you papi. it's i luh ya papi. ♪ i didn't see it but i see it now ♪ ♪ i think i love you and i need you now ♪ ♪ haven't had anyone like you in a while ♪ ♪ i luh you papi i luh luh luh you papi ♪ >> i just like the chorus.
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>> i wonder how long it took to write those lyrics. >> and the best -- oh, god. not now. >> i luh ya papi. she's knocking water out of her ear, you know. i luh ya papi. >> she's a talented girl. i hate that song with all my heart. >> number one on itunes next week. >> why? okay or not okay. >> is it okay or not okay to pull a bait and switch at a wedding? >> here is what we had to say about it. >> i think it's terrific because it takes too much pressure off everyone, hoda. it's party time, baby. >> i agree. it's okay as a frequent wedding guest, i'd be thrilled. who doesn't love a surprise? >> that sort of depends, doesn't it? >> i guess, yeah. >> what was that? >> that was not good. is what that was. >> i don't know. >> all right. the funny and five-time emmy-winning doris roberts is with us.
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emmy-nominated actor will arnett has appeared and voiced characters in dozens of films and tv series, but he's best known for his funny roles on popular shows like "arrested development," "up all night" and "the millers." >> his latest project "teenage mutant ninja turtles" hits theater this summer. why he's here so soon, i don't know, but we have an exclusive first look. >> heroes are not born, they're created. that's what your father and i were trying to do. create heroes. >> whoo!
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>> no, no. whoa. chill. just a mask. see? don't freak out. all right? >> oh. >> she fainted. >> what a movie. >> she was thinking, i luh ya papi. >> i luh ya papi. >> my son just turned 24 the other day. i remembered when he was into this 20 years ago. >> yeah. >> so there's such a cult following for this. >> huge cult following. and i think it's time to get the next generation of kids into it. and so that's what we're kind of doing with the reboot. there is an animated series that's out now, on nickelodeon, that's hugely successful. >> still. >> so far from the foam-looking creatures that were in the beginning. >> no. this is not like that. this is michael bay produced this. it is a whole other level. >> what is he like? we hear he's weird. >> who told you that? >> i luh ya papi. >> she told you that, right? you said we heard, she told you
2:21 am
and you tell her? i know what's going on here. he's amazing. he's the most kick-ass action film guy -- >> uh-uh. >> i said arse. what is wrong with you guys? >> we tend to get fined. >> get the water out of your ears. >> tell me about your kids. are they interested in this summer flick? >> my kids are going nuts for it. they happen to be huge fans of the animated series. >> the right age. right? >> right age. 3 and 5, my sons abel and archie. so when we were shooting the movie last summer, they would come to set all the time and bring their own -- they've got their own teenage mutant ninja turtle nunchakus. >> of course they do. >> so the stunt guys would be doing something and they'd do little demonstrations -- it was -- >> i was trying to look at the trailer online and so many people have done their own versions of the trailer, just the cult following, i was unaware of. >> really? >> yeah. all these different people are voice things and doing their own deal. >> yeah. it's huge. it's really, really huge. think about it, it spans so many generations and now again. and people are just -- they're just fans. we kind of want to do it justice.
2:22 am
there's a lot of pressure to do it right. >> you're paying homage, aren't you? >> yes, we are. thank you. >> tell us what your character does. >> vernon. >> again, i love to talk about my work. and my character. but no, my -- >> you used method during this. >> very method. and please call me vern. my character is a guy that is a photojournalist and video journalist who served in a lot of hot spots in the world and came back and kind of wants an easy ride and all of a sudden he's sucked back into this huge battle of good versus evil. >> and what other projects do you have in the hopper? >> how much time you guys got? >> we're a little busy at the moment. but we luh ya papi. >> we wrapped up the first season of "the millers." which has been really fun. on tbs. >> thanks a lot. you know what -- >> technically, you forget, okay? >> come on, we're all friends. >> not really. it's killer out there.
2:23 am
>> we're pretty tight. >> don't wag your finger at me. >> she does that a lot. >> do you? >> she's very uppity and self-righteous. >> i luh ya papi. >> this is going to -- you're never going to -- >> you love that song? let's be honest. >> i am being honest. no. i don't. and i disagree with you that it's a song. >> i love you, will arnett. >> no joke, listen to the chorus. ♪ ♪ i luh ya papi >> by the way, i really like j. lo. i think she looks fantastic. she's great. i wish her all the success. >> after the song. >> i hope the song is not successful. but i wish her all the success. >> good-bye, will. and we're so grateful that you came, okay? >> all right. we swept them out of the cold and into our warm studio for an ambush makeover. get ready for the big reveal. >> if there is anyone who can get a bunch of rowdy rascals under control, it is doris roberts. she's back with us. >> so excited.
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more pears? >> no. it's a different fruit every month. >> every month? >> yes, yes. that's why they call it fruit of the month club. >> it's a club? what do i do with all the fruit? >> most people like it, ma. you share it. share it with all your friends. >> which friends? >> i don't know. lee and sam. >> lee and sam buy their own fruit. >> get rid of -- >> why did you do this to me? >> oh, my god. >> there's too much fruit in the house. >> that is why we fell in love
2:28 am
with her as the no-nonsense matriarch marie barone on the hugely popular and still is tv show "everybody loves raymond," a role that earned her four of her five emmys. >> wow. now you can find doris roberts on the big screen playing an endearing mother who needs to raise $10,000 to save her bakery from closing. and she gets some help from seven mischievous kids in "the little rascals save the day." >> unlike some movies, i'm thrilled that this is coming back. how are you, doris? >> i'm good. great to see you. >> little rascals. >> you're playing such a sweet person. i kind of like the change. >> she had to audition. >> i got the part. >> is that fun playing this type of role? >> great. those kids are incredible. >> whole new generation of talented kids. >> really talented. professional. it was a joy to work with them. >> really? >> yeah. >> isn't that sweet? when you get a script, because you don't have to audition, obviously, anymore.
2:29 am
do you think to yourself, i see why they sent this to me, i see what they're seeing, i'm right for this. or have you ever been totally wrong about a script and you turned it down and somebody went off to make a big hit out of it? >> yeah. the answer is yeah. >> you know what i'm talking about? did meryl streep took a few of your roles? >> no. but jean stapleton did. >> she did. >> never liked her. >> oh! >> just kidding. >> she was so terrific. >> awesome. >> when you look at those "everybody loves raymond" clips, that was for nine seasons. that must have been such a great time in your life. >> fabulous time, still is. it's in 171 countries in the world. >> you're kidding me. >> no. in every language. >> why do you think it translated all over the globe? >> it's real. based on reality. everything happened to one of the writers. oh, absolutely. there's a time where the house gets painted. i get painted with it. that happened. >> you really were like a family. >> yeah.
2:30 am
>> you don't have to work. you're in residual heaven with that show. >> no, i love working. yeah, i love working. >> tell us why? >> for instance, with the rascals, "little rascals" began with "our gang" in the '20s. then in the '50s it became "the little rascals." well, we took one of the old stories and did it anew. and the greatest kids they found. they look just like the original ones. they're very professional. they love working. and i loved working with them. >> and is there a dog? >> of course petey's there. >> petey's there. >> of course. >> the kids and animals. i thought you shouldn't be -- >> and i play a sweet, sweet grandma. >> here's the thing. she's working with kids and animals, but guess what those kids are working with. doris roberts. >> hello. >> yes. one day they will realize what an unbelievable blessing that was. >> i hope so. >> probably not yet. >> thank you.
2:31 am
>> all righty, so "little rascals" is coming up soon? available on dvd and blu-ray april 1st. >> absolutely. >> what's next? >> who knows? in this business, who knows? >> send this woman a script. she's anxious to work. we love you. >> thank you so much. thanks for coming to see us. coming up, advice for single parents who are starting to date again. >> plus two ladies show off their hot new looks. "ambush makeovers" after your local news. you know what, doris? >> what? >> i luia papi. >> she likes the song. she likes j. lo's song. >> she hates it.
2:32 am
2:33 am
♪ everybody have fun tonight we're back with more of "today" on this thirsty thursday. time to do what we always do right about now. >> "ambush makeovers." >> two lucky ladies got whisked off the frigid plaza and treated to hot new looks. >> and doing the plucking as always, our talented makeover team. i luh ya, louis. our talented makeover team, >> "today" contributor and stylist to the stars, louis licari -- >> let's sing it that way.
2:34 am
♪ louis licari >> it's going to be a hit. >> and "today" contributor and editor for "people style watch" -- >> jill. >> and author. >> that did not go well. >> they're here. they look smashing. >> you too. >> they wore coats and hats and gloves today. >> yes. we said this has to be the end of winter. next time we'll be here in spring. >> just not come anymore. >> mother nature did not get the memo. >> we did find two great makeovers today, and they were both friends. >> all right. first up, misty arnold. she's 45 years old from birmingham, alabama. while misty was thrilled to receive a makeover, today is a little bittersweet. we'll have her explain. let's take a listen. >> so i know this is an emotional day for you and an emotional gift. >> yes. absolutely. >> so tell me about why you think this is a special gift? >> a year ago today, around this time of the day, my mom passed away. and this is something that she would really enjoy and had so much fun doing fun things like
2:35 am
this, and pampering herself, and i think this is a gift from her. >> totally. >> i believe in that. and i'm so happy that we can do this for you. and i know you're so excited. >> yes, yes. >> it's going to be great. it's going to be fun. >> we're going to take good care of you. >> thank you. >> that's sweet. >> sweet. so her friend julie is also being made over. she's with her daughter catherine and julie's family brian, mary elizabeth and emily. all right, gang. please keep your blindfolds on for just a second. here is misty before. all right, misty, let's see the new you. >> whoa! i love that dress. >> you ready? take off your blindfolds! >> wow! >> all right. >> oh, my gosh. okay. are you ready? spin around, misty. take a look. >> oh, my gosh, really? i love it. >> yes, really. >> you look awesome. that is your dress, kath.
2:36 am
>> she took that dress right out of my dressing room. >> look right at camera 12. louis, tell us about the fabulous hair. >> i warmed it up, lightened it up with a pinch of gold. just a pinch of gold. >> i love that color. >> all of a sudden more young, natural. not that she isn't. she's awful those things. she's a great yoga teacher. arsene gave her the cut, sexy swept away bangs and shaped around the face. remember, hair should always be shaped to the structure of your face. >> catherine, raise your hand. what do you think of your mom's new look? >> i think she looks great. >> jill, that dress is perfect. >> i stole it from kathie. i'm kidding. >> i wore it last week and probably got the most response i ever had to any dress ever. >> we love adriana papel. i added actually this belt because she has such a tiny waist like you just to accentuate that. ready to go into spring. we love winter white. this is a great transition. >> big round of applause for misty.
2:37 am
>> now, julie harris is 38 from birmingham, alabama. she called her own look boring. so we grabbed her off the plaza, gave her an exciting new style. let's hear her story. >> and misty, i know you're super excited because now julie gets this too. >> yes. i'm very excited. super excited. it's going to be fun. >> what do you think? >> i'm just excited. going to be fun. >> you're going to look totally different. how do you feel about that? >> i'm okay with that. >> all right. she's here with her family brian, mary elizabeth, and emily and misty. you met the whole crowd. everybody, don't turn around. let's bring out julie. let's bring out the new julie harris. >> wow. all right, everybody. turn around and get a gander. >> whoa! >> look at your hair. >> you look awesome. >> ready to turn around? you look every bit as beautiful. turn around, sweetie. >> wow.
2:38 am
>> you look great. >> i like it. >> spin right here for the camera as well. >> number one, one of the newest colors for this fall -- fall. spring. >> oh, louis. >> chocolate. chocolate. this is chocolate brown. >> very pretty. >> look at it. all of a sudden her eyes just pop. it works with her complexion. she's one of those girls that would put gel in her hair and make it go all curly. she can still do that, but he gave her this great shape. >> looks great. >> the right makeup too. >> yes, beautiful. and i love that outfit. >> yeah. >> all staples for spring, trench coat by andrew mark, blouse is adriana papel. nydj jeans. and shoes are shoesdazzle. all shoes on that site $50 and under almost. >> really? amazing. >> let's bring misty over here.
2:39 am
>> good job, everybody. thanks so much. >> those are awesome. >> back in the dating scene but this time with kids? >> we've got some advice from women who have been there coming up right after this. we really wanted to take a relaxing trip to florida. you know? just to unwind. but we can only afford one trip this year, and his high school reunion is coming up in seattle. everyone's going. then we heard about hotwire... and realized we could actually afford to take both trips. [woman] see, when really nice hotels have unsold rooms, they use hotwire to fill them. so we got our 4-star hotels for half price. i should have been voted "most likely to travel." ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e ♪ save big on car rentals too, from $11.95 a day. down to a science. you're the reason we reformulated one a day women's. a complete multivitamin that now has extra b vitamins, which help convert food to energy. energy support for the things that matter. that's one a day women's.
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gwyneth paltrow's split from husband chris martin has everybody talking. but what happens when they or any single parent really starts to date again? >> when kids are in the picture, it gets complicated. just take a look at this scene from nbc's comedy "about a boy" when 11-year-old marcus finds his mother's date at the front door. >> what's your name? mine's lou. >> your name is of no interest to me. it would be a waste of my time to commit it to memory, for you are merely a blip, a momentary
2:43 am
pit stop on the road to willsville. >> marcus! hello. i'm sorry about that. >> by the way, that show is hysterical. >> great show. >> great, great writing. >> here with some advice are psychologist dale atkins and denise alberts, author of huffington post's "divorce diary." >> that must keep her busy. >> hello, ladies, welcome. >> it can get sticky, especially when the kids are very young, right, dale? >> absolutely. because they get attached. and one of the things you want to be aware of is that you are introducing whomever this person is a little bit later on, so that they can -- they are going to get attached, or you have to be familiar with what it's going to feel like when they get attached to someone you may not be attached to. >> you should wait until you're sure this person is going to be in your life, denise? >> absolutely. i would never have somebody pick me up at my home. my kids often ask me who are you dating and they're curious. >> how old are yours? >> 9 and 5. >> you just signed the divorce
2:44 am
papers this week. >> yeah. we've been separated for two years. so i've been dating for two years. and i've never had more fun in my life. i'm doing in my late 30s what most people did in their 20s. >> sure. >> how do you handle it? if there's someone you're dating -- they don't ever come to your home? >> no, never. i made one big mistake and did introduce one person to my kids. i think it's a very tricky thing. >> yeah. you've got to think of them first. >> right. >> it is very difficult for little ones. >> absolutely. >> it is very difficult for little ones. it's not so easy for big ones either, by the way. even adults sometimes have difficulty with their parents dating. but i think the point is not only the attachment but also the fantasy that they want their parents to be happy but they're in conflict because many kids think and hope that their parents are still going to get together. so that they have an investment in their parents being happy but they also don't want to lose their parents. some of the kids, particularly boys, think their role now is to take care of mom. >> i do think that. my son asks me every day, mom, who are you dating? who are you going to marry? are you going to marry an
2:45 am
athlete? and the truth is i'm trying to teach my son that i'm really happy. and whether i'm with someone or not it doesn't matter. i think you need to have two happy parents. and i love dating and i'm having a blast doing it. but it's really none of my kids' business. >> in the early stages, did you say to your kids, look, here is what's going to be happening? did you explain it or do you just kind of wait to see when it presents itself? >> good question. i never did that. >> you didn't explain? >> no. >> dale, what do you think? >> i think sometimes it is very helpful to explain it, just to let them know, mommy and daddy are not going to be together now and i know that's really hard, and each of us is going to try to meet new people. and i don't think you go into the romance immediately. you just say, you know, there's lots of people out there for friends and you know, we are going to do things. i think one of the other issues is it's different if a person is divorced or widowed because there are issues having to do with going back into the grief and sometimes children have a very different arc of grieving
2:46 am
than their parents do and not all kids do it at the same way. but it's a lesson for kids. it's a lesson for parents. i think it's really interesting that your boys are seeing you happy as you're engaging. and that's very important. so that they don't worry more. >> it's not easy to consciously uncouple. >> thank you so much. get ready to dance. a tap performance like you've never seen. >> but enough about hoda. and quick bites you can whip up at your next party. >> grab your ingredients. we'll get cooking right after this. [ female announcer ] crest presents:
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time for "today's kitchen," so grab your ingredients and cook with us. >> the author of the new book "kitchen confidence" is here with some appetizers you can throw together in no time. >> and one of them you voted for. so let's get started. >> so our people voted for this. >> they did. so we're making bread salad, who doesn't love salad? >> bread salad? yes, yes, yes. >> all grilled. perfect as we head into spring
2:51 am
and summer. i'll put you to work, kathie lee. >> okay. >> she likes that. >> do you mind brushing this bread with olive oil. this is a baguette we sliced about an inch or so. we'll put it on to the grill. if you don't have access to an outdoor grill, a grill pan like this is something every city dweller should own. you get the nice char, deep flavor. and -- >> you put it on both sides or just one? >> we'll grill both sides. so you'll put it on and grill it. >> grill some more. >> throw these on there, just like this. >> a little chintzy. >> there we go. >> pick up my slack. >> we'll pick it up. >> while kathie lee finishes that, i'll have you help me with these veggies. this is so simple. we've got really nice bright vegetables. we're going to have a little bit of olive oil. i'll let you go for it. >> what do you want me to do? >> maybe two tablespoons or so, whatever feels right to you. you know what? forget about the spoon. just -- there you go. doesn't that feel liberating? >> yes. >> little salt, little pepper, you can throw those tomatoes in there. we'll add some of this beautiful yellow squash. >> just dump it in?
2:52 am
>> just dump it in and use that to add -- >> look what i did. >> what did you do? >> look at it. >> i'm so proud of you. >> then we just take these veggies and throw them on the grill as well. so really this is such a simple process. >> yeah. >> my book is all about a fresh approach to the basics in the kitchen. we grill these babies off, and then it's all about what we dress it with. i have a nice punchy vinaigrette. hoda, you want to grab that? this goes right over the top. and then this grilled bread -- >> i love that. >> goes in as well. >> and what happens is the bread soaks up that really nice vibrant vinaigrette. it's really fantastic. we've got some fresh mozzarella, some fresh torn basil. >> you throw the chucks in just like that? >> yeah. it's so easy. >> good. >> like big croutons. >> yes. exactly. >> let's go back here. >> perfect. this is what the viewers voted for. an artichoke dip, which i love. >> i love that.
2:53 am
>> the base is cream cheese. we've got some parmesan cheese. hoda, do you want to add a little -- >> mayo and sour cream. >> add the whole thing? >> yeah. and i think that's the key to getting a great artichoke dip, is both the mayo and the sour cream. >> this is not on a diet. >> no, this is for a party, to have a good time. and then literally you can throw all of that in. >> you've got some -- is that tomato? >> this is roasted red pepper. we've got some artichoke hearts. this is kale to make you feel better about it. or you can just use spinach. >> and some garlic? >> garlic. >> mush that all up? >> mush it all up, right into a baking dish, top it with some white cheddar cheese, a little bit more parm. and -- >> how long, sweetie? >> 20 minutes, 350, just until it gets nice and golden brown on top. >> all right. >> fried pickles? >> fried pickles. >> are they great? >> homemade buttermilk ranch dressing. really, really nice. >> mm. that dressing is awesome. >> thank you so much. >> you're adorable. >> thank you, guys. thanks for having me. >> you're little but lethal.
2:54 am
>> that's right. >> find the recipes on our website, >> they're going to inspire you to kick up your heels at any age. >> that includes us. but now this is "today" on nbc. i dunno, i just ah woke up today and i said i need something sportier. annnd done. ok maxwell, just need to ah contact your insurance company with the vin number. oh, i just did it. with my geico app. vin # is up to the loaded. ok well then jerry here will take you through all of the features then. why don't weeeeeeeeeeee go out to the car. ok, i'll just be outside... ok, yeah. his dad is my boss. yeah. vin scanning to add a car. just a tap away on the geico app.
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♪ at 62 years old vicki riordan followed her passion and created vicki's tap pups, the world's largest adult tap group. >> and get this, the majority of her dancers are baby boomers. nearly 500 of them kicking up their heels in harrisburg, pennsylvania. >> vicki brought along some of her pups to show off their stuff right here. how are you? there's a male pup, too. >> there is a male pup. >> what a great concept, by the way. >> well, it is. actually baby boomers, we danced our whole lives. we're the dancing generation. and we get married and we have children. and we lose dance. >> we only do it at weddings. >> that's right. and then the kids go away to college, and now we find ourselves wanting to do something. we're not gym people. what do we do? we love to dance. >> i bet people rose their hands to sign up. didn't they? >> yeah, actually, they did. >> a lot of fun. >> show us a little move.
2:58 am
>> you want to know my favorite step? >> you have some history. kathie's a tap dancer. >> i took one little course in hollywood years ago. >> i'm going to show you something basic. all right? a shuffle is a brush and a pull. brush, pull. oh, you did a shuffle hop step. >> i like that better. all right. >> we're going to do a shuffle ball change. and then you do a heel touch. all right? try it again. shuffle ball change. timing here, kathie lee. you've got to slow it down a little bit. >> all right. >> all together, ready? >> oh, are we ready for the -- >> yes. >> okay. are we ready for the -- >> yeah. >> okay. five, six. five, six, seven, eight. ♪ >> they're good.
2:59 am
>> good. >> oh, yeah! >> you go! >> whoo! >> bring it home. >> ready? let's join. >> five, six, seven, eight. >> yes! >> how fun. >> you guys were -- that was terrific. >> thank you. >> and way to hold up the rear back there. thank you so much. >> tomorrow, the dynamic relationship duo matthew hussey and e. jeanne carol.
3:00 am
>> and bobbi's got beauty products that do double duty. >> plus the sites to check out before you travel again. take care, every steve: you and i will get it together. [cheers and applause]


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